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TOUR 1: Proven Step-by-Step Practice-Building Training
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TOUR 1: Proven Step-by-Step Practice-Building Training

Now that your coaching skills are honed, are you ready to start building your business, but you're not sure where to start?

One of the biggest frustrations we hear from new coaches is that after spending a lot of money going through a coach training program they still don’t know exactly how to find new clients or build their business.

The Business Building Center is specifically designed to resolve those problems and features our proven practice-building system. Over the last several years, this system has been successfully used by thousands of personal, life, business, and executive coaches all over the world.

Our complete practice-building training consists of recorded teleclasses, comprehensive workbooks, accompanying handouts, topic-specific articles and related resources.

Here is an overview our system:

Determine Your Ideal Target Market

As a speaker, coach or consultant defining your Ideal Target Market is your 1st step to success because if you don’t target the right market, nothing else you do will matter. We will show you how to create a profile of the perfect market for your services and then teach you where to find these people on a consistent basis.

You will discover that the more specific you become in your Target Market, the faster your client base will grow, and we will show you why.

Create Your Unique Competitive Advantage

One of the biggest secrets to success for elite speakers, coaches & consultants is the manner in which they position their services. A Unique Competitive Advantage (UCA) answers the question, “Why should I hire you versus any of your competitors?” Every person you meet with will ask this question, either directly to you or to themselves. You must have a clear, concise, and compelling response. This program will show you how to formulate one and how to adapt it to different industries, professions, and problems.

Let's face it, there are thousands of speakers who could talk about a topic, and thousands of coaches who could help a prospect—so why should they work with you? If you can't answer that question, join the Business Building Center today and find out how the pros do it.

Build Your Marketing Plan

Start your marketing efforts by creating a strategic marketing plan. You will discover where to spend most of your time, which strategies are proven to work best, how to choose the marketing activities that are right for you, the things you shouldn’t waste your time doing and much more.

Use Speaking to Get Clients

Speaking is one of the most effective strategies to grow your coaching business. We explain why and show you how to incorporate speaking into your marketing plan, providing detailed guidelines on how to secure the speaking engagements that work best.  Learn how to find speaking opportunities, what to say, how to approach the decision-makers and how to follow-up.

Develop Powerful Strategic Partnerships

Forming powerful strategic partnerships could literally fill your practice. Learn step-by-step how to form a Strategic Alliance that exposes you to an ongoing stream of prospects.

Discover the best alliances to form, how to find them, how to approach them and how to structure the relationship. Learn the secrets for maximizing the success of your strategic partnership.

How to Create a Strategic Referral Network

Think back over last year—about how many separate people referred a person to you who later hired you? If you're like most speakers or coaches, the number is in the single digits. What would it be worth to your practice if you could have dozens of professionals referring you business on a regular basis? For many of you, it would double, triple or exponentially increase your revenues.

Over the past few years we have refined a systematic approach to help you create dozens of new referral sources in the next 6 to 12 months. Interested? Join today and start getting more and better referrals!

Websites That Work

95% of coaches want, need and benefit from having a website. Unfortunately for many, creating a website is often a daunting, expensive and time-consuming task that brings more frustration than benefits.

This class walks you through a step-by-step process for developing and launching your website. Determine the scope and objective of your site, whether to hire out or do it yourself and how to find the right web designer.

Learn the difference between a website that looks nice and one that actually sells for you. Understand the keys to writing compelling website copy and making your website work for you. Finally, learn the 10 things to include in your website to attract well-paying clients.

Why You Need an Ezine and How to Launch or Improve Yours

Having an Ezine (electronic newsletter), or some other way to stay in contact with your database, is a critical component of an effective marketing system. We explain why this is so important and help you determine how and when to implement it as a part of your strategic marketing plan.

Learn what to write about, delivery method options, recommended frequency and more. Understand how to promote your services without feeling pushy. And perhaps most important, learn how to increase your subscriber base. The bigger your subscriber list, the bigger and more opportunities for your business. This class teaches you how to grow both!

Overcome Common Objections

In Stephen's work with speakers and coaches he discovered there are common objections to hiring a professional. He has put together a comprehensive list along with specific replies you can use and adapt to overcome common objections such as:

“You cost too much.” “We can't afford that.” “I'm not sure you can help us with this specific problem.” “Are you certified?” “I'm not ready to make a decision right now.” And many more.

How to Set Your Coaching Fees

What do you charge for your coaching? What should you charge? Are your fees set to maximize your revenue and client enrollment?

Your fees need to be based on your target market, your vision for your practice, your philosophy, how long you’ve been coaching, your prior experience, the number of clients you want and more. We teach you how to create a tiered fee structure that will not only increase revenue, but also increase the number of prospects who become new clients.

How to Create an Info Product in 30 Days or Less

Information products, such as audio CDs, special reports, E-books and training manuals, is an easy way to build your expertise, get more clients, and create a passive revenue stream. Stephen will share with you the exact strategies they used to create 3 information products in less than 30 days—from concept to completion.

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