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Since 2000, thousands of professional coaches world wide have benefited from learning our proven, step-by-step system to attract more clients and build their coaching business.

Stephen Fairley’s highly acclaimed book Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching became the #1 best-selling book in the field of professional coaching in America, Canada, the UK, and Australia in just six months.

Below are just some of the hundreds of success stories and testimonials we have received.

“This is the most informative and complete book we have found in two-plus years of research and education in coaching. In that time, we've read many good books and considered many very good coaching schools and programs. However, none have laid out in detail and so completely the steps necessary to getting a coaching business up and running successfully. Fairley has done an outstanding job in identifying exactly what works, the most common mistakes new coaches make and leads the user through a step-by-step process to success. As soon as we opened the cover, we knew we had found the resource we needed. We only wish we had found this book two years ago. We recommend it without hesitation to new and senior coaches alike. If there's only one book you buy...this is the one!”

Barbara A. Cohen, Ph.D.
The ADHD Coaching Company

“Stephen has written an excellent book with many tips and techniques that are proven to not only show you how to be a great coach, but also how to build a successful business as well. I highly recommend this book, especially for those coaches who want to coach in both the personal and business arena.”

Pat Williams, Ed.D.
President of the Institute of Life Coach Training
Fort Collins, CO

“This book is not just about getting started. Stephen Fairly was able to achieve a rare balance between breadth and depth, and this book is a useful resources for coaches at all levels in their practices and careers. Stephen's insight into various professions, such as mental health and information technology, adds a layer of substance, making this book far superior to the traditional how-to book for starting a coaching practice. I was inspired to take my practice to the next level, and I am recommending this book to my clients and colleagues who are personal and executive coaches.”

Larina Kase, Psy.D., M.B.A.
President, Performance and Success Coaching

“For some time, I have wanted to elevate my coaching practice to a higher and more successful level. I've talked to several coaches, scanned articles, and read a few books. And while many of them have been helpful, none of the other books really "wow'd" me—until I read your book!

Your book was written from experience. It furnished me a treasure chest worth of helpful tips and suggestions. Quite frankly, I don't know where to start, but I'm confident that your book will get me to that select group of 9% of coaches who earn $100,000 or more annually.”

Mark de Roo
President of Keystone Coaching & Consulting, LLC

Your research findings are sobering, your commentary is insightful, and your ideas are actionable. My copy is tabbed and marked with all of the things on which I need to place more focus and other things I have yet to do. It is organized like a user manual and reads as if you are talking right to me. The checklists and other forms have been very helpful in getting my arms around all of this. It is an invaluable resource. I only wish you had published your book and hit the speaking circuit a couple of years ago.”

Diane Krause-Stetson, JD, MBA
Executive and Career Coach

“I have owned my own coaching business for six years and I found great value in Stephen Fairley’s book, Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching. I found several important areas I have been neglecting, or never even thought about for my own firm. This book is an excellent structure for any coach (or any solo entrepreneur) to gauge the steps to take for success. I know I have renewed my focus and commitment to my business from reading this book. It should be required for any new coach before getting started.”

Pat McCann
President of McCann Communications

I was completely overwhelmed by the prospect of starting my own coaching business until I read this book. It has step-by-step, practical business guidelines, resources I could have never found on my own, and helped me define and focus my target markets. In addition, Mr. Fairley is a talented and generous coach, with the gift of inspiring and expanding dreams.”

Diana Kilinski
Life Coach

“This book has provided me with a wealth of knowledge on setting up my own business. It is written in clear language and easy to read, yet puts crucial points across that can minimize initial mistakes often seen in coaching endeavors. It lays out solid advice on how to target a market, how to put start- up monies to best use, how to find clients and how to use the internet to your best advantage, among so much else.

I know since reading this book that I will avoid many costly mistakes that I would have made and that will save me money and time. I also know that I will keep this book to refer to over and over again. The information contained in this book is well worth the price. I feel that I will now have an edge in my favor for my coaching practice in my area due to all the suggestions. I would encourage anyone to buy this book before beginning a coaching business. I thank Mr. Fairley for sharing his insights and information to help the rest of us out.”

T. S. Muscarella, Ph.D.

“This is an outstanding book for all who want to launch a new career in the coaching field or increase their sales in their existing coaching business. Unlike many instructional books on the market, Stephen's book is filled with practical "how to" steps that one can put into practice immediately. This is not a 200 page parable with only one or two key points. It is filled with meaty insight on how to create a successful coaching business. Through interviews with the nation's top coaches, Stephen has been able to gather many of the "secrets" that truly successful coaches rely upon to not only survive but to thrive.

I now feel truly inspired to move forward in the creation of a successful coaching business. Buy this book. You won't regret it!”

Ashby Spruiell

“Stephen Fairley presents useful research (vs. his own opinion) that is easily understood and quickly applied to my coaching business. He lucidly explains each "marketing mistake coaches make" along with its resolution. This is excellent content with immediate benefits, not just a sales pitch. Well done!”

David Flack
The CEO Accelerator!

“I just finished reading your book Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching and I couldn't put it down!!! I loved it. The information in it was so valuable and so motivating. I am really excited to put what I've learned into action. Thank you for your incredible wisdom and insight!”

Andrea Ferguson
President of Life Designs Coaching & Consulting

“Your Chapter 3 is fabulous! I have been trying to get this information in condensed form for 2 years. Not being an organization man, this information about segmentation of companies, industries and positions was very powerful for me. It not only helps me focus on my client to build a profile, but now I feel more knowledgeable about how positions and companies are structured. Power and chain of command is important to understand for me as an outsider trying to get inside.”

Revel Miller, PhD
President of Revel Miller Consulting

“Stephen is a great coach who understands the business of coaching. Anyone serious about building a coaching practice should read and study his book.”

J. V. Crum, III, M.B.A., J.D., M.S.
President, Conscious Millionaire Insititue, LLC

“I just finished reading Stephen Fairley’s new book, Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching, and would strongly suggest that each of you get a copy and read it! It discusses the results of the author’s very recent survey of 300 coaches about what does and doesn’t work in marketing as well as practice-building.

His research indicates that 73% of all coaches make less than $10,000 in their first year – and the strategies he discusses in this book will help you be part of the top 9% of coaches that make 6-figure incomes in this field.”

Marcia Bench, MCCC, CMP, CBC
Founder & Director of Career Coach Institute

“So you want to start a new business enterprise as a personal or executive coach? Reading a copy of "Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching" is the place you will want to start. This is not just another book on the joys of coaching, but has real life information that you should know before making the commitment. The authors have provided some cold, hard facts about executive coaching including how long it typically takes to get started, how much the average person earns after one year in the business, typical problems getting clients and referrals and what to do about it. The book is a business analysis of the industry from beginning to end.

It includes such important information as what you need to know to get started, what you need to know to succeed, how to market, how to segment your market, how to target that segment, financing your business, Internet marketing, using E-zines, and web sites. Fairly and Stout even include 7 secrets of highly successful coaches. This is a complete road map of what to realistically expect, how to get to your goal, and all the steps along the way. If you are interested in becoming a personal or executive coach it is a highly recommended book. It’s the best I've come across to date.”

Harold McFarland

“This is one of the best primers on coaching. Anyone who is just starting out as a coach or thinking about becoming a coach should read this book. Stephen brings the much needed tactical world of business to coaching. Reading this book first will help you succeed.”

Melissa Fristrom
Watertown, MA

“The authors have captured my attention in this book. They take you step by step to help you decide "your place" in the coaching field. From there they lead you through target markets, marketing and strategies. This is a must read for anyone interested in starting a coaching career.”

Dennis Gibson, PhD

“This is one of the best books I have read in my long, highly successful career as a retained executive search consultant, and now a life coach. It is truly one of the finest examples of complete, thorough, business-driven books in writing I have ever seen.

The ideal in coaching must not only be to coach, but to have a thriving business as well. Fairley guides you to that pot of gold in a well-planned and highly effective book that makes you WANT to have the purpose to succeed. The plan takes the reader from the inception of the coaching company, through financial models and marketing strategies, and culminates with the seven secrets of highly successful coaches.

Mind provoking and stimulating, yet highly practical in every aspect, you are driven to read, study, and practice. This powerful book for coaching is not only for the new coaching professional, but for the truly seasoned coach that wants a refreshing and rewarding look at how to grow their business!”

Richard Hertan,
Head Coach of Effective Management Coaching

“In his speaking and writing Stephen Fairley provides a very illuminating, inspiring and practical look at starting a coaching practice. What's especially unique and valuable about his work is that it's based on extensive research of what successful coaches have done to grow their businesses.”

Robert Demaree
Business Coach

“Stephen Fairley created the coach's "must have" guide to getting started. Even for established coaches it's more than simply a refresher - it provides a benchmark to go "from good to great" for a coaching business. There's no doubt that coaching is serious business: Stephen shows coaches how to treat their business with respect. Their approach isn't based on theory: they surveyed 300 successful coaches, then distilled the results into an easy to read (and follow) book. As one of the coaches interviewed by Stephen, I waited in anticipation to read their book. One word suffices to describe it - Outstanding!

Wondering about the different types of coaching, including the challenges each client group faces and how to market to them? This information is here. Strategies, tips, powerful questions, checklists, tools: there're all here just waiting for you to implement. In a step-by-step fashion they discuss how to sidestep the pitfalls and mistakes that most beginners face.

Stephen also outlines the best practices for building a successful practice including establishing a target niche, fee setting, set-up costs, revenue forecasting, and marketing. The last chapter, "Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Coaches" provides the insider's peek at the strategies used in the most successful coaching practices. I found lots of new ideas that I'm going to implement in my own business.

Coaches who are serious about the success of their coaching practice will read this book more than once and keep it as a ready reference. As Stephen says in closing, ‘Here's to your never ending success.’”

Sylva Leduc,
Executive Coach and President of Client Compass
Seattle, Washington

“I saw this book at the recent ICF conference in Denver but waited to buy it. I should have bought it then because I haven't been able to put it down since I received it! I am so impressed with the authors grasp of the field of coaching and their ability to clearly articulate how to create a successful coaching practice.

Unlike a lot of the other books I've bought, this one really distinguishes itself by basing its marketing recommendations on actual research. The authors conducted a national survey of 300 coaches to find out what financially successful coaches do that financially unsuccessful coaches don't do--the findings are AMAZING!

I've been coaching professionally for almost 3 years now. I really wish this book was around when I started because it would have kept me from making a lot of the costly mistakes I did. I also wish my coach training program had included this book in its curriculum because they were quite weak in the area of practice building.

However, that's not to say that the book is only for new coaches because I was able to immediately identify over 2 dozen marketing strategies I could start using in my practice. They are now part of my 2004 business plan (which is one of the things this book showed me how to create).

The other thing I found to be really helpful were the interviews with the top coaches in the field: Sandy Vilas of CoachU, Mike Jay of B/Coach, Pat Williams of Institute of Life Coach Training, Wendy Johnson of the Worldwide Assoc of Business Coaches, and many others.

I give this book my highest recommendation! If you're struggling with how to create a successful coaching practice there is simply no better book available anywhere.”

Coach Ginger
Boston, MA

“Stephen's book really provided the expert guidance I needed to see the science and process of reaching my new market. It was clear, easily read (in fact, I couldn't put it down once I started) and gave me step-by-step processes to get me started. I highly recommend this book for anyone thinking of venturing into personal or executive coaching (and they are very different - as I know now from reading this book), and for anyone who already has expertise in consulting who wants to move into a coaching environment. The individual case studies with coaching industry leaders were particularly helpful, along with the information about organizing and structuring a web site for maximum functionality. Great Job, Stephen!”

Dianne Daniels
Image Consultant

“This is an excellent comprehensive resource that covers the A-Z's of establishing a coaching practice/business. The information is straight forward, instructional and thorough. A much awaited "how to" book and a must read for coaches at all levels and stages of their practice development.”

Mary Sue Reining
Lisle, IL

“This is an excellent book packed with hundreds of proven strategies and practical techniques how to build a thriving coaching practice. Stephen and Chris take all the vital elements of getting started in personal and executive coaching and bring them together into one valuable resource. This book is essential for not only new coaches but also for all coaches who want to build successful coaching practice.”

Paul Lam, PhD
Life Coach International

“I want to take this opportunity to give you a little feedback on the course. While taking the teleclass hasn't (yet) led directly to any clients, it has led directly to: greater self-esteem, greater confidence, greater direction, greater clarity, greater belief, greater understanding, greater movement. Thanks! You and your course are great.”

Julie N. Serritella
Life Coach

“Your book is a phenomenal resource. It’s the best on building a business up from the ground floor. I've never seen anything like it.”

Peter Gregory, MA
ADD Coach

“Stephen, your research findings about what it takes to build a successful coaching practice are huge gifts to the coaching community. I appreciated your clear, direct and accessible approach, both in your book and in our conversations. New coaches with limited business experience will find it is awesome to have such a practical resource to guide their focus in developing a thriving coaching practice. I wish you an abundance of success and infinite possibilities.”

Terrill Welch, Executive Leadership Coach
President, ICF Vancouver Canada Chapter


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