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TOUR 4: Downloadable Tools & Templates You Can Customize

Whether you are getting ready to launch a new marketing campaign; looking for practical ways to find new clients; want to be more organized; need to learn how to run your business more efficiently; or desire to increase your profits, you will find a wide variety of ready-to-use forms, charts, templates, and spreadsheets to help you accomplish your goals and achieve lasting success.

Here is a sample of the tools and templates we provide:

Sample Financial Plan for Your Coaching Business

Finances are a critical part of growing your business. Every new business comes with expenses. Here's a chart to help you remember common start-up expenses and to keep track of them throughout the year.

Business Start-Up Checklist

This is a great checklist to print off and keep by your desk as a quick reference guide as you plan out your next steps.

Sample Client Intake Package

After you land a client you should have an intake packet to email them that answers common questions, tells them more about you and briefly covers your coaching process. Here is a sample business coaching intake package you can use to get ideas about what to include in yours.

Target Market Identification Inventory

One of the biggest mistakes new coaches make is targeting the wrong market. The Target Market Inventory was specifically designed to help you create a comprehensive profile of your ideal target market.

Brochure Sample: Coaching Packages and 6 Month Program

Use this sample to discover how to create your own coaching packages and 6 month program.

The Difference Between Coaching and Allied Fields

Stephen designed this helpful model for his book, Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching. It shows the difference between coaching, consulting, training, mentoring and other fields.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT Analysis process is an excellent way to objectively examine your business. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This is a useful tool to follow when launching a new venture, considering a partnership, creating a new product or service line, or for determining your ideal target market and niche.

Speaker “One Sheet”

To land better speaking engagements, you need to create a “Speaker One Sheet.” This is literally the front and back of a sheet of paper that describes who you are, what your topic is, who your clients are, and why they should hire you as a speaker. Use these samples to give you ideas for creating your own “Speaker One Sheet.”

Paid Speaking Letter of Agreement

When being paid as a speaker you need to have a written agreement. This sample covers the basics. Use it to create your own speaking agreement.

Questionnaire for Speaking Engagements

Customize and use this sample speaking engagement client questionnaire to find out what you need to know before you speak to a group.

Workshop Flyer

Use this sample workshop flyer to help you create your own flyer for marketing your workshops and seminars.

List of Strategic Alliances Partners for Coaches

This is a great list of potential fields and other professionals who can be great Strategic Alliance Partners for you as you grow your business.

Q&A for Strategic Alliance Partners

Customize and use this sample document to give to potential Strategic Alliance Partners.

Client Outcome Form

Have your clients fill this out after they complete coaching with you and you will get better testimonials and more referrals.

Coaching Website Flow Chart

Not knowing where to start keeps a lot of coaches from having a great website. Use this flow chart template to stimulate your thinking and generate ideas about what to include and how to structure your website.

Comparison of Email Marketing Systems

There are many companies that provide services to help you automate your ezine publishing, mailing, and subscriber lists. Use this helpful resource to compare the costs and available services of these email marketing companies.

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